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Baby Sleep Schedules

Sleep Schedules from 3 months - 2.5 years of age. Designed using age-appropriate awake times to help take the guesswork out of your ideal day.

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Newborn Playbook

Printable Trackers to help you keep on top of all things newborn-related, from appointments to nappy changes, never loose track of anything again.

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All Things Sleep

Your Guide to making simple changes without the need for sleep training. Using these simple steps you can create great sleep habits for your little one.

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Travel Guide

 Let me help you take the overwhelm out of traveling with your little one so you can spend more time making lifelong memories.


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Newborn Sleep Guide

 Gently guide your newborn to sleep to healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime. From awake times to settling techniques and everything in between.

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Infant Sleep Guide

Everything you need to confidently make positive changes to your little one's sleep from 5 months - 18 months of age.


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Tired Mama?

I'm Vanessa

 and as a mother, I understand the overwhelming feeling that can come with a child that doesn’t sleep.

So much growth and learning happens in the first few years of your baby’s life. With the challenges that each day presents, a restful sleep can make all the difference – for all of you!

Thats where I come in...

"Saved our Sanity"

As a first time mum I had no idea of awake times, sleep habits or even where to start for building a routine. Vanessa patiently worked with us and has saved our sanity as we are now getting a lot more sleep and have a much happier baby as a result. Vanessa service and knowledge far exceeded my expectations. 


"Sleeping Through the Night"

Wow! Vanessa’s guidance has helped my 10mo go from co-sleeping and waking numerous times a night, to sleeping throughout the night in his own bed.

Having a child who can now self settle is amazing.It was a hard slog but absolutely worth it.


"Highly Recommend"

Vanessa was an amazing help getting our 10month old to improve his sleep.
I wasn't sure if we were able to be helped, but Vanessa gave us the tools and support to teach him to self settle, and to teach us to not get up to his every noise. He was waking every 1-2hrs, and is now sleeping through most nights. 


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